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"Technological Destruction"
36" X 40" Oil on canvas 2015

"The Invisible People"
oil on canvas 44X40"

"A Fleeting Glimpse"
oil on canvas 44X40 2017

"Dynamics of Motion"
oil on canvas 44X40"

40X44" oil on canvas 2013
"Genocide-America's Legacy"
36 X 42" Oil on Canvas 2015

Contact Carole       or phone 760-378-2878 (5PM-8PM PST)

"Ages of Woman"
oil on canvas

"Seven Continents"

"Essence of Origin"
oil on canvas

"Egypt Revisited"
oil 36X48"

oil on canvas 42X36"

"Where the Spirit Dwells"
oil 54X36"
"Wilderness of Self"
32" X 42" Oil on canvas 2015


"Unity of Energy"
24X36" Oil

"The Path - Knowledge vs. Ignorance"
oil 36X48"

Oil on canvas "42 X 36"


"Red Lantern"
oil on canvas

Contact Carole       or phone 760-378-2878 (5PM-8PM PST)  

"Dance of Life"
Oil 36X32"

"The Hero"
Oil 48X36"
42 X 36" Oil on canvas 2012 NFS


Oil 34X54"
predatory capitalism
"Collapse of Predatory Capitalism"
40 X 46" Oil on Canvas 2013


"Creation of the Four Winds"
Oil 30X40"

Contact Carole       or phone 760-378-2878 (5PM-8PM PST)


"Patterns of Organic Energy"
Oil 24X36"

"Essence of India"
Oil 38X48"

"Indestructibility of Matter"
Oil 36X24"

"Step Into My World"
Oil 28X54"

Contact Carole       or phone 760-378-2878 (5PM-8PM PST)

"Winter Song" 2012
Oil on Canvas 36X44" (NFS)

"One Summer Dream"
30" X 44" Oil on canvas 2014
"Shadow Spirits" 2012
36 X 44" Oil on Canvas (NFS)

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