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Carole Estrup
Fine Art Catalog

Oil Paintings in Visionary, Socio-Political, Western Themes
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Motion Dynamics
"Dynamics of Motion - a tribute to dance and theater"
36 X 42" Oil on canvas 2011

2009 oil on canvas 36 X 42"

"A Joyful Noise - The Collapse of Imperialism"
2009 40 X 44" Oil on canvas

"Calliope - Goddesses
of Ancient Greece"
Oil on canvas 44X40"

"Patriarchy - the Cost of War"
2009 oil on canvas 34 X 40"

"The Invisible People"
oil on canvas 44X40"


"Ages of Woman"
oil on canvas

"Seven Continents"

"Essence of Origin"
oil on canvas
"Genocide-America's Legacy"
36 X 42" Oil on Canvas 2015


"Egypt Revisited"
oil 36X48"

oil on canvas 42X36"

"Where the Spirit Dwells"
oil 54X36"
"Wilderness of Self"
32" X 42" Oil on canvas 2015


"Unity of Energy"
24X36" Oil

"The Path - Knowledge vs. Ignorance"
oil 36X48"

Oil on canvas "42 X 36"


"Red Lantern"
oil on canvas

Contact Carole       or phone 760-378-2878 (5PM-8PM PST)  

"Dance of Life"
Oil 36X32"

"The Hero"
Oil 48X36"
42 X 36" Oil on canvas 2012 NFS


Oil 34X54"
predatory capitalism
"Collapse of Predatory Capitalism"
40 X 46" Oil on Canvas 2013


"Creation of the Four Winds"
Oil 30X40"

Contact Carole       or phone 760-378-2878 (5PM-8PM PST)


"Patterns of Organic Energy"
Oil 24X36"

"Essence of India"
Oil 38X48"

"Indestructibility of Matter"
Oil 36X24"

"Step Into My World"
Oil 28X54"

Contact Carole       or phone 760-378-2878 (5PM-8PM PST)

"Winter Song" 2012
Oil on Canvas 36X44" (NFS)

"One Summer Dream"
30" X 44" Oil on canvas 2014
"Shadow Spirits" 2012
36 X 44" Oil on Canvas (NFS)

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